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Please find below a selection of links to other Koi related websites.
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Richdon Koi

Richdon Koi

Richdon Koi was founded in November '99 by Richard & Donna Jones. They are based near Rosliston, Derbyshire, UK. and offer an all round first class service.
Visit the Richdon Koi website »


Moreton Park

Moreton Park Garden Centre

Moreton Park garden Centre. Mgr, Dave Roach
Visit the Moreton Park website


The Koi Exchange

Koi Exchange

Not linked to a magazine or a shop, the Koi exchange promises to be an impartial source for Koi related information.
Visit the Koi Exchange website


Koi Art - Gordon Paul Lavender

Gordon Paul Lavender

Talented artist from Liverpool, UK, who paints Koi and related subjects.
Visit Gordon Paul Lavender website